Building Your Roots is Our Passion

CRM CM provides Commercial and Residential Construction Management in South Carolina as well as parts of Florida and North Carolina. As a commercial and residential contractor, we use a Pre-Construction Process to learn your likes and dislikes, understand your preferred style and ultimately, to identify how you plan to use your dream home.

We follow a tailor-made approach that helps to manage our design and development plans and build within your defined budget from the beginning. What we mean by "Building Your Roots is Our Passion" is that we know that every day is a blessing and we are privileged to work with you and serve your needs. CRM Construction Managment truly cares about providing a positive construction or renovation experience for you, responsibly managing your budget and delivering a completed home that exceeds your expectations.

What are Change Orders?

New home builders have different approaches and viewpoints on change orders. Depending on the process used to estimate a job, change orders may be an integral part. For residential contractors and builders using "Cost Plus" estimates, many of the buyer's selections are made later, as the project unfolds. As a result, the final price of the home may be different from the initial estimate.

At CRM-CM, we provide Residential and Commercial Construction Management in South Carolina, North Carolina and parts of Florida. We prefer to use a detailed Pre-Construction Process to get as many decisions and selections made up front as possible. That being said, changes do come up. A buyer may be on the fence regarding a selection or an unforeseen circumstance may come up. It's not uncommon, for example, during an historic home remodel in Charleston or as part of a home remodeling in Titusville. The key to managing change orders is timing and communication. Listen to Tim McBee talk more about change orders.