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Sand Point Park

Titusville is a great place to watch rocket launches, and Sand Point Park is one of the best spots. It has lots of parking and a wide array of facilities including picnic pavilions, playgrounds and restrooms.

The area is fast-growing and a developer wants to build 380 luxury apartments overlooking a scenic marina and rocket launches. Plans are in the works for a project called Horizon at Sand Point. Read this first!

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center located at Sand Point Park Titusville FL offers a variety of different workouts. The facility features a jungle gym, splash pad, pavillions, tables and grills.

The facility is a great place to get fit and healthy while you’re on vacation! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the facilities are clean.

It’s located on the Indian River in Titusville Florida.

A beautiful and scenic lakefront area with 5 softball diamonds, 2 soccer fields & 3 miles of trails. The park is popular for kayaking, fishing and picnicking.

The park also has a museum with aircraft displays and exhibits. This is a great place to spend the day with the family. The water view is spectacular and the park is well kept and maintained. The park also has a playground for the kids and plenty of space to walk around. The weather was perfect on our visit to the park. We hope to go back soon!

Water Park Splash Pad

The Water Park Splash Pad located at Sand Point Park Titusville FL is a great place to cool off and have fun. The splash pad has a wide variety of different water features and is open daily during regular park hours.

The water sprays from nozzles, structures and loops producing an array of water spray options that will keep your children entertained and cool all summer long! It is a great alternative to a pool and offers safety benefits such as no standing water or depth, making it an ideal option for smaller children.

The splash pad is a recirculated system, meaning that the pipes drain the sprayed water into a tank where it is treated and disinfected before being sprayed again. Unlike some splash pads that use a sewer system, this method is safer for your family and the environment. The spray is also more diluted than other types of splash pads so it does not pose the same health risks. Explore more!

Picnic Pavilions

There are a variety of picnic pavilions located in Sand Point Park Titusville FL. This community park is located right on the shoreline and offers great views of Cape Canaveral.

It also has a splash pad for you to keep cool on a hot day. It’s a popular destination for families and locals to enjoy.

A great place to take the kids to play, there’s a skate park and a dog park too. It’s a great way to spend the day and if you need a break, there’s a MacDonald’s near by for a snack and a quick cool down!

This is a lovely nature park that has the Homer Powell Nature Center which will give you a chance to learn more about the environment. The sandy trails stretch out for a half-mile and there are trees all around. If you’re looking for a quiet place to visit, this is one of the best parks in town!


Titusville is the center of Florida’s Space Coast and is one of the most popular places to see rocket launches. The city’s waterfront is the perfect spot to take in the show. The area is also home to one of the most notable launch viewing locations in the country, Sand Point Park, located less than 15 miles from Kennedy Space Center.

This riverfront park sits on 30 acres along the Indian River Lagoon and is operated by Brevard County. It offers shoreline fishing, picnic pavilions (large and medium sizes), grills, playground, ballfields and exercise trail. There is also the Astronaut Memorial Plaza, which is a cool looking structure that honors America’s astronauts and those behind the scenes who helped lead the way in space exploration. The park is a good choice for family fun and a great place to view rocket launches from the ground. The Titusville Fair will roll into Sand Point Park for 10 days starting April 1st. Check our next area of interest here.


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