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Reasons to Choose New Home Construction

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In your pursuit to become a homeowner, you have the option of buying a pre-existing home or going for new home construction. Sometimes, when people think of the intricacies of getting a new home construction they consider it overwhelming.  Although the process of constructing a new home is tedious, it comes with several benefits. Here, we will explain the reasons why you should choose new home construction.

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1.  Lesser need for maintenance

With a pre-existing home, you are not sure if the fixtures are approaching the end of their lifespan. After purchasing the property, you may discover that you have to make repairs on the roof, upgrade plumbing, or upgrade the wiring to meet up with your electronics. These repairs and upgrades may be expensive.

Yes, you will conduct a home inspection and also obtain disclosures from the seller. However, home inspections are not 100% reliable. Even if you are using the best home inspector, you can still miss some essential issues that may cost a lot of money to fix.  Also, you can not rely on the seller’s disclosures. Some of them may hide the issues, or they may not be aware of it, warns Dawson Management. To avoid this, it would be best to go for a new home construction.

During the construction of a new home, contractors select durable and high-quality materials. Here, you are sure that everything in the house is new and you get to enjoy the full lifespan of all the fixtures in the home. The plumbing, bulbs, cables, roofs, HVAC, windows, doors, floors, and so on will not need replacements or repairs anytime soon.

Although you will still need to maintain the new home, the cost will be far lesser than what you get from old homes.

2.  New home construction offers improved energy-efficiency

Presently, there are stiffer standards for energy efficiency in new homes than there was previously. Recent regulations require third-party home energy raters to ensure that all new home constructions meet the energy-efficiency standards before they obtain certifications.

If you purchase an older home, you may not get the full benefits of energy efficiency. And the process of repurposing an older home to have modern energy features may cost you more money and energy

That is because they do not have the features that allow for natural ventilation, interior climate control system, vapor barriers, or insulation. However, with a new home construction, you can be sure of energy-efficiency that will benefit you and the environment.

With energy-efficient homes, you have the guarantee of spending less money on energy bills while reducing the impact on the environment.

Some of the energy-efficient features you can enjoy in a new home include energy-star doors and windows, low-flow toilets and faucets, effective insulations, and an airtight building envelope.

3.  New home construction offers modern and open floor plans

Older and pre-existing homes have small floor plans that are out-of-fashion. The rooms are tiny, and if you purchase them, you may need to break down the wall and perform some renovations to meet your needs.

But new home constructions have modern designs and floor plans to meet present-day demands. Its design allows for more natural light that makes the home spacious. New home construction have open floor plans that make the home welcoming. As part of the open floor plan, new homes incorporate dining into the kitchen to have an open eat-in kitchen.

4.  Save money on insurance

Insurance companies see older homes as high-risk homes, and they place a high premium on them. The reason for this is because they have a higher possibility of sustaining damages. However, new home constructions comply with current building codes.

These codes help to enforce the use of high-quality materials during home construction. Thus, the premium that insurance companies place on new homes is lower than older ones. If you choose a new home construction, you will have wider insurance coverage at a lower cost and that will help you to save money.

5.  New home constructions come with a warranty

If you purchase an older home, you do not have any warranty. And when anything happens to the house, the bill is on you. However, you have peace of mind if you choose a new home construction. That is because they come with a warranty period of 1 year.

Should anything happen to the house within the warranty period, the builder will take care of the cost. Also, you can conduct an inspection on the home towards the end of the warranty. If you notice any fault on the property, you can send the inspection report to the contractor to effect the repairs and replacements where necessary.

A new home construction offers you numerous benefits. Aside from the modern facilities in the property, you stand to enjoy peace of mind from the assurance that everything is in order.

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