With preliminary planning and design soon to be complete, the corner of Cleveland and Oswego Street is soon to be the most modern and architecturally appealing corner in the neighborhood.

Soon to come will be two stand alone single family homes containing over 1,400 square feet in two and a half stories of timeless design. The vision includes cantilever decks, stainless steel cable hand rails, beautiful board and baton accents and plenty of Charleston elegance.

With luxurious accents including shiplap and custom wood work, granite countertops and custom tile facades, Charleston Roots Management is creating a true authentic southern classic to stay planned in the Holy City to keep to its roots.

The existing single story home will undergo a complete demolition overhaul to be reborn to its original footprint.

The style will be enhanced with an added second story and updated modern design to bring to life, a 2,000 square foot revitalized slice of downtown Charleston‘s famous southern charm.

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