Multigenerational vs. Single Family

Amidst the global pandemic we’ve seen an increase in clients exploring multigenerational floor plans. In our experience, these have been cases where there is a new baby, parents are retired and want to be closer, or there are health concerns and clients are wanting to care for a family member rather than the alternative of admitting them into an assisted living situation.

Multigenerational homes typically include an entire suite with private access, a kitchenette, and their own full bathroom; basically an attached in-law suite or apartment. Some people may shy away from this option with the concern for resale; however, we believe that there is added value for future use as potential rental income or for people with college age children at home that may want to offer them privacy without  them fully “leaving the nest”.

Comparatively, we also have renovation clients wanting to add on to their single family floor plan to accommodate similar living circumstances. It is for this reason that we suspect the new home buyer’s demand for multigenerational homes to increase or for single family home buyers to prefer the option of a dual master floor plan or a home that allows the opportunity to add on.

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