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Jungle Adventures, A Real Florida Animal Park 

Jungle Adventures is a Roadside Zoo in a park-like setting featuring tours, river cruises & gator feedings. It is also home to Swampy the World’s Largest Gator!

It is a timeless old Florida Hidden Treasure attraction that will take you back in time to a lost world that was once forgotten. It is a place where rare Florida Panthers, Black Bears, Wolves, White-Tailed Deer, Tropical Birds and Reptiles live in their natural habitat jungle. A fantastic article to read.

Swampy The World’s Largest Gator

Located a few miles west of Titusville on East State Road 50, Swampy The World’s Largest Gator is an iconic roadside attraction at Jungle Adventures. The 200-foot-long concrete gator, known as “Swampy” is one of the most popular roadside attractions in Florida.

Throughout the park, guests will find live guided wildlife tours, electric boat rides, a jungle swamp cruise and over 200 alligators to feed. Visitors can also visit the animal rehab center, which houses exotic animals rescued from the wild or abandoned.

This reptilian-focused wildlife preserve has been a Orlando institution since 1949, but it remains a fun and wholesome way to spend a day. Whether you’re into lizards or not, this is a must-visit for any animal lover.

Wildlife Encounters

Located in Christmas, Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park is the perfect complement to your holiday festivities. A short drive from Orlando, Daytona and the Space Coast, this natural wildlife attraction has a little something for everyone.

They boast a number of live guided wildlife experiences, including the aforementioned Swampy the World’s Largest Gator and an impressive array of exotic critters. It’s also the only place in Central Florida to see the rare and elusive Florida Panther.

The biggest hit at this quaint Florida attraction is the Swamp Safari, where you’ll get a close-up view of some 200 alligators up close and personal. It’s not for the faint of heart though, as gators can be quite finicky. The other star of the show is the Replica of a 16th-century Spanish Fort, where you’ll learn how Spanish Conquistadores made their way to America in the golden age of sail. There are many more adventure tours to choose from as well. Discover more exciting places here.

Gator Feedings

If you love gators, you’ll enjoy a trip to Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park Christmas FL. Over 200 alligators call this roadside zoo their home, and visitors can hand feed baby gators up to 15 feet long. Plus, you can ride a swampy river cruise, explore the Jungle Swamp Queen, and catch a hands-on wildlife show that features snakes, alligators, and more.

There are plenty of other activities, too, such as a nature walk and a tour of a North American village. The park also houses native-to-Florida animals rescued by volunteers or taken in by local law enforcement. Some of the highlights include a pair of regal Florida panthers and White-Tailed Deer, tropical birds, wolves, and other critters. The park’s staff and volunteers are passionate about the welfare of their creatures, and you can learn about their lives at this roadside zoo in Christmas FL. This is a place to take your family for a snappy day out.

Swamp Safari

Located just west of Titusville on East State Road 50, Swamp Safari at Jungle Adventures A Real Florida Animal Park Christmas FL is a must-stop on your next Florida road trip. It’s hard not to snap a picture of the 200-foot roadside gator (the largest of its kind in the world!) standing proudly alongside the highway. You can even walk inside Swampy’s gaping, toothy maw and clown around like a kid!

Aside from Swampy, Jungle Adventures offers more adventures for your family to enjoy, including Live Guided Wildlife Tours and a swampy boat ride aboard the Green Gator River. There are also over 200 alligators to see, action-filled gator feedings and much more. You can also take a journey to an authentic replica of a 16th-century Spanish Fort, and explore the Indian Village Replica for a lesson in Florida history. You won’t regret your visit to this timeless old Florida Hidden Treasure! Have a great day out at Jungle Adventures! Click here for more interesting articles.



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