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Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design

Interior Design is the art of designing the interior of a space.  Not only does it allow for creative expression but also for one to create functional spaces that make a statement visually. Every client should consider design in a way that makes them feel comfort and excitement when they walk into their home.

The greatest aspect of design is that there are no rules.  Every home and project is different in their own unique way. When we, as designers, take on a new project, we like to really get to know the wants and needs of each client and their personal aesthetic. 

Clients all have different styles when it comes to Interior Design, whether its coastal, mid century modern, transitional, contemporary. The great thing about each specific style is that you can make it your own.  The idea is to have a vision or concept while also incorporating functionality.

Space planning is essential when it comes to design.  You must love the space visually but also make sure that it is a working space. When talking about finishes and materials, less is more; using natural light within the design is key.  It sets the tone and energy of the room and enhances color.

Lastly incorporating contrast and dimension, contrast adds visual interest. If a room is completely gray it seems flat and cold but if you add a light oak flooring, some navy-blue accent pillows and an oriental rug, that creates dimension and flow within the space. 

Contact us at CRM-CM to discuss interior design for your new home or renovation.  We look forward to speaking with you!  (321) 360-6989
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