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How Every Client Should Consider Interior Design


Best Lighting Fixtures for a Modern Farmhouse Home

Interior Design is the art of designing the interior of a space, not only does it allow for creative expression but also for one to create functional spaces that make a statement visually. Every client should consider design in a way that makes them feel comfort and excitement when they walk into their home. The greatest aspect of design is that there are no rules, every home/ project is different in their own unique way. When we as designers take on a new project, we like to really get to know the wants and needs of each client and their personal aesthetic.



Accent Walls for a Modern Farmhouse Home

Clients all have different styles when it comes to Interior Design, whether its coastal, mid century modern, transitional, contemporary. The great thing about each specific style is that you can make it your own, the idea is to have a vision or concept while also incorporating functionality. Space planning is essential when it comes to design, you must love the space visually but also make sure that it is a working space. When talking about finishes and materials less is more; using natural light within the design is key, it sets the tone and energy of the room and enhances color. Lastly incorporating contrast and dimension, contrast adds visual interest. If a room is completely gray it seems flat and cold but if you add a light oak flooring, some navy-blue accent pillows and an oriental rug that creates dimension and flow within the space.



Color Scheme within a modern Farmhouse Style Home

Why design is important and how should a client approach a Modern Farmhouse Style? The Modern Farmhouse Style is known for its warmth and simplicity. Clean lines are mixed with a cozy aesthetic using texture and finishes like wood and steel. It is a fresh blend of both rustic and contemporary styles. Today we will talk about ideas and inspiration on how this trendy style can be incorporated within a new custom home.



Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Good lighting transforms a space, the phrase “It’s all in the details” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to lighting in custom homes. Lighting sets the mood within the home; you want to consider fixtures that are dramatic and make a statement. The lighting should guide the style of the space.


Best Lighting Fixtures for a Modern Farmhouse home


For a Modern Farmhouse look great lighting fixtures are key.


  • Reese 23” Pendant from Icon Ltg. This pendant light is a perfect example for Modern Farmhouse Lighting. The bronze finish and clear restoration glass are beautiful details. You can use two of these pendants over a kitchen island to make a statement.


  •  Lorford Smoke Bell Lantern from Icon Ltg. This Lantern could be used in a foyer or a mudroom, it is a bronze finish with mercury glass. This Lantern is a unique piece that draws attention as soon as you walk into the home.


  • Fulcrum Grand Sconce from Restoration Hardware. This sconce could be used in a home office with custom built in cabinetry or two sconces in a powder room with a wood mirror and light oak vanity. This lighting fixture is a bronze finish with metal frames it is a definite focal point for either space.




Accent walls are all the rage in the design world today, an accent wall is a way you can make a room more decorative and unique. Here we will discus how different types of accent walls can enhance a basic room and make it luxurious.



Wallpaper is a great way to add color and texture to a space, here we have some Modern Farmhouse style examples of wallpaper that can be used as an accent wall in a kid’s bedroom. These examples are all a subtle neutral palette, the importance of design in this scenario is that the style does not have to be so literal. There are cases where a client might say Modern Farmhouse and automatically think brick pattern or wood look wallpaper that is not always the case. A good way to look at design is again incorporating the idea that less is more. Yes, these are all subtle wallpapers but with the right accessories and furniture they make a significant focal point to the room. You can find these styles at Birch Lane.com 





-Millwork/ Wainscoting

Millwork has made a comeback in recent design trends; it is a great way to mix a traditional timeless style with a modern twist. Wainscoting is wooden paneling that lines the lower part of the walls in a room. This is a great way to add detail or an accent feature to a space. Here we will explore different design ideas for a Modern Farmhouse Style home featuring millwork.



  • In these examples you see different types of wainscoting, in the first image you see the millwork at about 80 inches which is a nice style for an entryway because it is in line with the door. You can also add a console table, a big mirror, and some sort of greenery to make it more of a cozy feel.


  • In the second image, this millwork is going up about 36 inches on the wall which is typically the most common and is a more classic look. You can incorporate this style in a long hallway leading to the bedrooms.


  • The third image displays millwork up to the ceiling, this is a great example if you lean more towards a decorative style. This type of millwork is an eye catcher, it can be installed up a stairway leading to the second floor and makes a statement with matte black light fixtures and large windows. It is also a nice transition between the social and private areas of the home.





Shiplap and Tongue and Groove wall paneling are very popular within the modern farmhouse style. Although they are very similar, they are two different types of paneling. Benefits to shiplap are that it is less expensive than tongue and groove and it is also and easier install for the DIY client. How you can tell the difference between shiplap and tongue and groove is while installing. Shiplap has and L-shape opening through the plank which is where the two planks will meet. The tongue and groove material has an indentation on one side and a thinner piece of wood that sticks out from the plank on the other which is where the planks will attach. Both methods are a great way to incorporate accent and design in a room. These styles can be used as accent walls or cover the entire room examples such as a bathroom, bedroom, or a mudroom. 



Color Scheme within a Modern Farmhouse Style Home

Let’s talk about the importance of color and paint within a home. Having a set color scheme in the beginning stages of the design process is vital. The color scheme sets the balance for the home and not only guides but also influences with every other part of the design process. Here we will discuss ideas and color swatches for a Modern Farmhouse color palette.



  • For the interior of the home colors like Sherwin Williams Misty and Light French Gray make a great selection for custom vanities in a bathroom or can be used in built in cabinetry for a mudroom. They are light subtle colors that fit the farmhouse aesthetic and are easy to match with accent colors and finishes as well.


  • For Exterior paint you can use Sherwin Williams Pure White as the base of the home and use Sherwin Williams Iron Ore for trim color, and Naval as the door color. Having 3 colors in the exterior of a home makes for a beautiful design without being too overpowering, any more colors than that could take away from the design.


Modern farmhouse exterior


There are so many details and phases that come with custom building a home here we will talk more about the design phase and ideas for a farmhouse style exterior that make a huge impact on the layout and design of the home.



Making window selections for your custom home is an important factor because you want to consider the durability and quality. For instance, if you are in more coastal areas you would want to consider impact resistant windows. For a modern farmhouse look you can consider a taller and narrower window that would give a lot of natural light and create a more open and airier feel to the home. Here are   some examples of modern farmhouse window styles that are a great focal point for the exterior of the home.



Modern farmhouse exterior



Exposed exterior beams are a great addition to the exterior design of a home. Cedar is the most common type of wood for these beams, but you can also use different types such as oak or maple. Here are some styles and ideas for exterior beams and where to incorporate them. The beams can be added to a front or back patio setting or as an accent above the garage door as shown below.




Modern farmhouse exterior



Whitewashed brick is a lovely detail to add to the exterior design of a custom home it is a timeless material, and it fits the modern farmhouse aesthetic. Different types of natural stone can also be incorporated within the exterior it adds texture and color. There are also ways of enhancing your stone in order to give it a shiny or wet look finish. Some ways that you can use the brick are, on the entry way steps or doing a brick detail as a lower border around the front of the house. Here are some examples of brick detail for exterior design.



Modern farmhouse exterior



Board and Batten Siding is an exterior detail that will give the feel of a Modern Farmhouse Home. There are different materials that you can choose from such as wood, vinyl, steel, and fiber cement. Board and batten siding is budget friendly, easy to install and it improves the homes aesthetic. Here are some ideas for your home.


Interior Design and Construction balance each other, you will go through all the design phases to create a beautiful custom home. The exterior construction phase influences the interior finishes and helps sets the overall style of the home. We hope that these ideas and examples were helpful in your future custom home project!


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