Life on Florida’s Space Coast

Space Coast

Pack your bags for the Florida Space Coast!

The Space Coast is a place of beauty and wonder, where residents enjoy the unique opportunity to turn their heads towards the sky for great views of rocket launches. But the reasons for moving to the space coast are almost as myriad as the stars in the sky!

The Space Coast is located around the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.  Ranked one of the best places to live in Florida, it includes the cities of Titusville, Viera, Cocoa Beach, Satellite Beach, Melbourne, Palm Bay and more.  The central location places it about an hour from Orlando and Florida’s top theme parks as well as the Orlando International Airport.  Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville are just 3 hours away and you can be in the Florida Keys in four hours. (more…)

Multigenerational vs. Single Family

Amidst the global pandemic we’ve seen an increase in clients exploring multigenerational floor plans. In our experience, these have been cases where there is a new baby, parents are retired and want to be closer, or there are health concerns and clients are wanting to care for a family member rather than the alternative of admitting them into an assisted living situation. (more…)

Modern Farmhouse Construction

CRM-CM Blending Modern Farmhouse Design with Coastal Appeal

The modern farmhouse style of home is very popular. We are seeing it everywhere – in magazines, online and on TV. It is a style that is reminiscent of country living, neighbors helping neighbors, and a welcoming of family and friends.

It blends the country style of decorating that incorporates barn wood, old spinning wheels and vintage décor, with the sleek, modern lines of stainless steel and grey, white and blue colors. The images of old country farm homes conjure visions of collections and assortments of necessities, while the modern farmhouse is more streamlined and embraces clutter free space. (more…)

Reasons to Choose New Home Construction

Guest Blog | Dawson Property Management

In your pursuit to become a homeowner, you have the option of buying a pre-existing or “re-sale” home or you can go with new home construction. Sometimes, when people think of the intricacies of building a new home, they consider it overwhelming and shy away from the idea.

Although the process of constructing a new home can be tedious, it comes with several benefits. Here, we will explain the reasons why you should choose new home construction.


Buy Land and Build Your Your Dream Home

After days or weeks combing through re-sale homes on the internet and systematically eliminating each one for this reason or that,  you’ve decided it’s time to build your own.  You’ll buy your own land, design your own home and include all of the features you want!  You’ll live the American dream! Congratulations!

But there is a little more to it than that.  For starters, when you look at land, there are lots of questions to consider before you purchase. One important question is:   Will you be able to build the home you want on the land or plot?   It’s a good idea to work with a real estate agent. They can help you avoid land that won’t work for you.  If your agent can’t answer all the questions about permits, zoning, etc., you might visit local officials and ask your questions. Educate yourself about the rules, laws and pitfalls, and learn from the experience of others who have gone down this path before you.

When you get vague answers to your questions, pay attention. Vague answers are opinions and not coming from an authority with knowledge. In real estate, only written commitments have legal standing. Know that most people (the seller or real estate agent) are well meaning and will give you information to the best of their knowledge. But it pays to get the most authoritative answers.


Things to Think About When Building a Custom Home

Guest Blog | Haas Properties

When buying a new home, why is it so hard to find a perfect home that matches your dreams exactly?  It may be because there is only a slight probability that any home you find will completely satisfy all of your criteria. On the other hand, it may also be because it is almost impossible for someone else to design a home that perfectly mirrors your dream home.

Whatever the reason, this happens because the standard method for buying homes is very limiting. It boxes you into choices that have been made by other people. Also, the design of a typical new tract home is not to give homeowners maximum satisfaction but to help production builders make the most profit.  As a result, if you are a buyer who wants a home that is a unique expression of yourself, you may find yourself frustrated. You may feel like you’ll never find the home that has all of the special features you want. Or, you could build that home yourself!

Not all by yourself, of course.  You’ll need the help of a custom home builder.  And building your own home from scratch is not such a bad idea!


Why HGTV does not = REALITY


We’ve all been on the band wagon of watching one HGTV renovation show or another. Have you noticed the increase in “flips” and renovations in your own neighborhood? Better yet, have you, yourself, been inspired by the thought “I could totally Flip That House”?

The greater follow up to this questions is, how do you think the real life experience compares to what you see on HGTV?   For starters, the concepts of time, budget, and obstacles are gravely misrepresented.


CRM-CM Completes Charleston Home Renovation

CRM-CM Completes Charleston Home RenovationSouth Carolina-based general contracting firm CRM – Construction Management (CRM-CM) recently completed a stunning home renovation in Charleston. Founded on a mission to start with strong roots, this latest project preserves the integrity of the overall structure, while making cosmetic and energy-efficient updates throughout.

Many home remodeling projects aim to add more space for a changing family or to simply update the current layout and features. Whatever the reason, there are tons of options for renovating a current home to fit a specific lifestyle and personal vision for how you want your home to look and feel. (more…)

The Step-by-Step Process to Build a New Home with CRM-CM

The Step-by-Step Process to Build a New Home with CRM-CMCreated on beginning with strong roots, general contracting firm CRM – Construction Management (CRM-CM) offers both residential and commercial services across the Southeast including Florida and the Carolinas. From home remodels and custom builds to commercial updates or new construction, CRM-CM offers a simplified, transparent design process to its customers. (more…)

Commercial Construction Services from CRM-CM in Carolinas, Florida

Commercial Construction Services from CRM-CM in Carolinas, FloridaEstablished on a purpose to begin with strong roots, South Carolina-based general contracting firm CRM – Construction Management (CRM-CM) offers both residential and commercial services across the Southeast including Florida and the Carolinas.

Commercial services from CRM-CM include, but are not limited to: (more…)

CRM – Construction Management Opens New Florida Showroom at Titus Landing

CRM – Construction Management Opens New Florida Showroom at Titus LandingFurthering its footprint along the Southeast coast, South Carolina-based general contracting firm CRM – Construction Management (CRM-CM) is excited to announce the completion of its Florida Showroom, a convenient space for clients to make selections. The showroom is onsite in the CRM-CM Titusville, Florida office located within the premier shopping center at Titus Landing. (more…)

CRM – Construction Management Now Serving Florida Areas

Custom Home. White and Seafoam Green Exterior. Elevated HomeSouth Carolina-based general contracting firm CRM – Construction Management (CRM-CM) is excited to announce its services are now available in Brevard County, Florida in addition to South Carolina and North Carolina. This furthers the company’s mission to start with strong roots and deliver a plethora of residential and commercial services. (more…)