About Us

At CRM Construction Management, we believe in giving our clients the best quality construction and renovation work at a competitive price point.

We offer both Commercial and Residential Services. Our services include new construction, remodeling, tenant up-fits, renovations, and construction management. As evidenced by our extensive list of satisfied repeat clients, we set the trend in customer satisfaction. The owner is a graduate of the Florida Atlantic University of Architecture and has completed over $2 Billion dollars of work in his management career.

Our Philosophy

Driven by Colossians 2:6-7 we know the importance of starting with strong roots and knowing everyday is a day of thanksgiving.

We're Straightforward

Building Your Roots is Our Passion


SIMPLE. At CRM-CM we walk each customer through the process from beginning to end, answering every question and keeping the lines of communication open. By keeping this a standard of construction we provide our customers the sense of friendship they deserve in working with a contractor. Ever hear “iron sharpens iron”? Our success is measured in our levels of communication with each client. Communication fosters idea sharing and strengthens teams. We encourage collaborative decision making, innovative thoughts, outside thinking and expectation management.


Our proposals are always COMPREHENSIVE. By that we mean we produce a proposal that literally captures every cost down to smallest items such as clean up or fasteners. This estimate is then entered into a schedule of values and a payment schedule that each customer can track to know where every dollar is going. A detailed proposal is vital in staying on the same page. When we start the project we sit down and discuss each line item to ensure the customer knows how their initial decisions can transform the budget.


Innovation in construction is critical to keeping up with the times and performing in the most EFFICIENT way. Since our start at Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture the study of this industry has always been important to us. We apply what we learned in those collegiate years and love pushing our subs to grow with us. From cutting-edge building technologies to improved methods of installation and automated decision-making systems, CRM-CM is smarter faster.

Invest. Manage. Sell.

Ask about our investor relations and how we can also help you capitalize on your improvements and development opportunities.