Our Philosophy

Driven by Colossians 2:6-7 we know the importance of starting with strong roots and knowing everyday is a day of thanksgiving.



About Us

At CRM Construction Management, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality construction and renovation services at a fair and competitive price.  We offer both Commercial and Residential Construction Management in South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida.  Our services include new construction, remodeling, tenant up-fits, renovations, and construction management.  Whether we’re working as a contractor along the Space Coast, doing an historic home remodel in Charleston or working as a residential home builder in Titusville, we set the trend in customer satisfaction which is evidenced by our extensive list of satisfied, repeat clients.

Our Pre-Construction Process

We feel that setting expectations is the key to a positive experience for all parties involved.  As a result, we consider the Pre-Construction Process to be an important first step for any project, whether it’s as a residential contractor or in commercial construction.  The Pre-Construction Process allows us to lay out the entire scope and schedule of the project for both the team and client alike.  Other construction companies may also refer to it as the “design phase”.  All the same, Pre-Construction gives clients a full understanding of the cost, scope, and schedule of a project, and it is integral to the success of the entire construction project

The Project Management Team plays an important role in this phase. Our team’s duties include developing a thorough understanding of the project in order to create a strategy and establish an accurate schedule. The team will establish a relationship with the client to ensure the final project plan is aligned with the client’s vision and goals. While this may all sound like a lot of additional work, this phase enables the project to be run efficiently and with minimal unexpected delays.

We're Straightforward

Building Your Roots is Our Passion


SIMPLE. At CRM-CM we walk each customer through the process from beginning to end, answering every question and keeping the lines of communication open. By keeping this a standard of construction we provide our customers the sense of friendship they deserve in working with a contractor. Ever hear “iron sharpens iron”? Our success is measured in our levels of communication with each client. Communication fosters idea sharing and strengthens teams. We encourage collaborative decision making, innovative thoughts, outside thinking and expectation management.


Our proposals are always COMPREHENSIVE. By that we mean we produce a proposal that literally captures every cost down to smallest items such as clean up or fasteners. This estimate is then entered into a schedule of values and a payment schedule that each customer can track to know where every dollar is going. A detailed proposal is vital in staying on the same page. When we start the project we sit down and discuss each line item to ensure the customer knows how their initial decisions can transform the budget.


Innovation in construction is critical to keeping up with the times and performing in the most EFFICIENT way. Since our start at Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture the study of this industry has always been important to us. We apply what we learned in those collegiate years and love pushing our subs to grow with us. From cutting-edge building technologies to improved methods of installation and automated decision-making systems, CRM-CM is smarter faster.

Our Team

More than a team, we’re family.  At CRM-CM, we know the value of family and the importance of giving back to your community.  We are thrilled to provide residential and commercial building services and project management in our hometown of Florida and in North and South Carolina.

Every day, we look forward to providing the best quality construction and renovations to our customers and exceeding their expectations.  Every member of our team is dedicated to the success of CRM-CM and our ultimate goal of serving our clients and our community.

Tim McBee | FL

Tim is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University of Architecture and has completed over $2 Billion dollars of work in his management career.  His progressive work in construction, which began in high school, paved the way for him through Texas, South Carolina, and back to his hometown of Titusville, Florida. It was in Texas that Tim started his first business with his wife, Nancy.  He then moved on to renovate and sell their own homes while he worked full-time. Next, he began a new business in Charleston, South Carolina. It was in the Holy City where Tim was able to renew his faith and fulfill his dream by creating a business based on Colossians 2:6.  It was the foundation of CRM-CM in the beginning and it continues until this day.After establishing CRM-CM in Charleston, Tim and his wife decided it was time to bring their family of four back to his hometown.

Nancy McBee | FL

Growing up as a military dependent, Nancy lived in several different areas throughout her life. Her resilient lifestyle not only created a thorough understanding of the moving process, but also a deeper appreciation in the meaning of home.  As the wife of Tim McBee, Nancy gained much experience in their own renovations and sales and she was co-owner and project manager of their first business together in Texas. From Texas to South Carolina and ultimately Florida, she is happiest spending time and working with her children and husband.  With a well-rounded background in the areas of management and real estate, Nancy is a passionate organizer and people person, making her the perfect fit as Office Manager and Design Consultant for CRM-CM at our showroom office.

Sean McBee | FL

Sean is an avid outdoorsman and a proud father of two children.  With 20 years of experience in construction, he has what it takes to manage a job site and to put on a tool belt and act as Superintendent for CRM-CM when needed.  Native to Mims and Titusville, Sean takes pleasure in being on site in the familiar areas of Central Florida.  He enjoys spending time with his family at the beach or hunting at their cabin in Georgia.

As Tim’s brother, there is something special about having him as part of the family business and he looks forward to contributing to the growth of CRM-CM in their hometown in Florida.

AJ Stover | FL

Anthony (AJ) Stover has always held a passion for construction and has over 20 years of experience in the industry. From his role as job site superintendent at Kennedy Space Center, to managing the home building process throughout Central Florida, followed by owning and operating his own renovation company, AJ has both the knowledge and hands on experience in every phase of construction. He graduated with his B.S. in Construction Management from the University of North Florida with a focus on residential and commercial building. He is a 3rd-generation Titusville resident and dedicated to serving and building the future of his hometown.  In his off time, AJ can be found coaching his son’s travel baseball team, in the tree stand, traveling with his family, or cheering for his favorite football team (RTR!).

Sam Jackson | SC

Sam originally started a construction company in California and brought it back to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA where it continued to grow. He then made his way down the east coast, eventually ending up in Charleston.

As CRM-CM’s Vice-President, Sam enjoys talking about Jesus and sees everyday as an opportunity to serve the Charleston community. When he is not working, he and Pete are usually at the range shooting and singing to their favorite Disney soundtrack..Frozen!

Grace McNally | SC

Hailing from Bethesda, MD, Grace is the daughter of an interior designer and spent her childhood helping her mom on projects around the Washington DC area. After graduating from the College of Charleston with a degree in classical guitar performance, Grace traveled through Central and South America. During her travels she learned the importance of community and a sense of place. As the Office Manager and Selection Consultant for CRM-CM, Grace enjoys helping clients add their own unique style to each project and helps keep things organized and running smoothly at the office. If you catch her during off hours, she is likely playing her guitar somewhere around town.

Pete Rouse | SC

Originally from Connecticut, Pete was fond of sailing as a child. He eventually made his way down the coast to Charleston where he began working in construction tool sales. He has his finger on the pulse of Charleston’s construction industry and is well acquainted with the nuts and bolts of the rapidly growing construction business here in Charleston. As the Assistant Branch Manager for CRM-CM, Pete handles everything from sales to project management. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and shooting with Sam and still finds time to sail from time to time.

Al Smith | SC

Al has been hands-on ever since his early days in locksmithing. He moved his way up from maintenance to custom builds. As a Superintendent for CRM-CM, Al serves as the liaison between the office and the build site. He supervises the sub-contractors, maintains an orderly job site and keeps production on schedule and on track. As a father of three, he spends his personal time exploring the low country with his family and attending church on Sundays. He also loves to sing to Disney songs…just not as much as Pete and Sam!

Invest. Manage. Sell.

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